June 5, 2014

DO or DON'T: Birks

Images via: Arty Filles,  Fashion Me Now, Ascot Friday, Modern Legacy, Unknown, Unknown
The sandal everyone loves to hate has been making a big comeback this season, and I have to say it's not all that bad. Paired with skinnies, shorts, or distressed boyfriend jeans Birkenstocks can actually look, and I hate to admit this, okay. I mean, all the cool kids are wearing them these days.

Paired with socks? Still a DON'T in my book!

What do you say, are Birkenstocks a DO or a DON'T?

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  1. I didn't like them before, and I don't like them now! :)

  2. i've noticed Birks a lot this season too! while I'm all for comfortable shoes, somehow I just can't get onto Birks...maybe they'll grow on me in time though!

    cute & little

  3. I keep seeing them too. Especially on teens. I guess they are onto something? :)

  4. I feel like Birks were the predecessor to Crocs! They are comfy, but they aren't the cutest.

    The Tiny Heart


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