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Dry lips

This past weekend we headed out to the Nevada/Arizona border for some water fun out on Lake Mohave. Despite the super-hot temperatures we had a great time and I came home feeling relaxed and with a fab tan! However, continuously applying lip balm is no match for the dry desert and I also came home with dry, chapped lips. To help save my lips and get some moisture back into them, here’s a few fixes:

Softlips Cube

1.       I keep a moisturizing ChapStick balm in my purse, Softlips Lip Protectant Cube on my desk and EOS Lip Balm by my bed so I’m constantly reminded to reapply. With EOS, I find that it has really good staying power—I can put it on before going to sleep and I will wake up in the morning still feeling it on whereas with Softlips I have to reapply more often. Then again I’m eating, drinking, speaking and using my lips more during my waking hours.

Dry Chapped Lips
2.       I have a really bad habit of biting on lips when they’re dry and unfortunately it makes me more susceptible to cold sores. Ew, right? For me, Abreva cold sore topical treatment works fairly quickly when I apply to a cold sore before it gets huge and cracked (the worst, if you get them you know what I’m talking about) but a tiny tube is pretty pricey, I think around $20?? The last time I started getting a cold sore I applied tea tree essential oil topically to the cold sore instead and found that it works even quicker… plus it’s cheaper!

Chapped lips remedies

3.       A lip scrub helps to gently remove layers of dead skin from your lips and help them to become smooth. I am LOVING the Bliss Fabulips Sugar Lip Scrub, you can read my full review here. If your lips are super dry, Bliss’ Fabulips Pout-O-Matic Lip Exfoliating Tool will definitely come in handy to help with the exfoliation process and is pretty cool but I find that you can get away with just using a scrub to remove dry skin.

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment

4.       If I'm in the mood for color, I use a tinted lip balm, preferably with SPF in it to not only add some color to my lips but to help moisturize and protect my lips as well. I am almost out of my favorite Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15 and will have to pick up more soon.

What are some of your fixes for dry, chapped lips?

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