Top Favorites of Summer 2014

1. I just can't go wrong with my trusty Panama hat, it's just continues to be the most perfect accessory for summer. Especially on lazy hair days.

2. I ran out of moisturizer and wanted to try a different type that would be good for combination skin. My skin has always been pretty dry but I started getting an oily t-zone and chin breakouts in the last couple of years. I picked up Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion + and so far, I am loving it! Nordstrom has a really good price ($38!) on an exclusive set that includes the larger size (6.7 oz.,) and the travel size. Get on this!

3. True story, I have been coveting a Rebecca Minkoff bag for like, ever. Who hasn't?? I had the opportunity to meet her when I was interning with mark. several years ago and have been wanting a bag from her ever since. I finally bit the bullet last week during the #NSale and purchased this blushing beauty. No regrets.

4. I realized last month that I was in desperate need of shorts that didn't leave my cheeks hanging out, especially if I'm wearing shorts to say, the grocery store.. not a good look. I have been living in these AEO shorties since, they're comfy, the cover the behind well and they look cute!

5. I've mentioned on here before that I'm pretty religious about my sunscreen, especially when it comes to my face. Walking into work after a long weekend looking lobster-ish? No thanks! I have been obsessed with applying Neutrogena's Clear Face sunscreen, it's oil-free, has SPF of 55 and doesn't feel greasy at all. If you have combination skin like I do, I highly recommend this stuff.

6.  I seem to permanently have Lana del Rey stuck in my head-- last year it was "Summertime Sadness" and this summer I have her sultry "West Coast" on loop in my head. I'm a Lana fan so I can't say that I mind.

What are some of your favorites this summer? 

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