3 No-Fuss Hairstyles For The Girl On-The-Go

Hair tips from Scott Fontana

I have always gravitated towards hairstyles that are simple and low maintenance, especially when the weather starts heating up and standing under a hot blow dryer is just not very appealing. This week, Scott Fontana, celebrity hair stylist and owner of Cristophe Salon Newport Beach, has hooked up A Good Hue readers with a few pro tips on some of my go-to no-fuss hairstyles:

1. Simple Fishtail Braid
When hair time is limited, or you want a fab style that looks like it took time but really took no time at all, fishtail braids are the way to go and, as I've learned, a sure fire way to get hair compliments. “Fishtails appear complicated, but in a few easy steps you can achieve the look," says Scott.

"Comb through the hair to eliminate any tangles. Sweep the hair over to whichever side you chose. Secure the hair into a side pony with an elastic. Start by separating the hair into two sections. Take a piece of hair from the left side and bring it over to the right side and pull into place. Then take a piece from the right side and bring it over the left and pull into place. Repeat this process all the way down. Once you have the hair braided all the way down, slide the elastic down and twist one more time to secure. The Locked Up hairspray from the Scott Fontana Collection will keep the style looking great without falling,” says Scott. Tip: Lightly pull out on sections to loosen the braid and it give it a messy, modern look.

Hair tips A Good Hue

2. Messy Bun
 This isn't your perfect, no-hair-out-of-place librarian bun the messy bun is meant to be just that... messy! According to Scott, to achieve a messy bun you will need bobby pins, a hair elastic and a teasing comb: "Start by spraying the hair with dry shampoo. The Fresh Do Dry Shampoo by the Scott Fontana Collection adds volume and is perfect for second day hair. Begin tying all of the hair with an elastic. You can wear it low or on the top of your head; it’s totally up to you! Separate the hair and tease to create lots of volume for the bun. Bobby pin sections of the hair to the back of the head. It doesn’t have to be perfect. The messier, the better! Secure the look with hairspray and you are ready to take on the day,” says Scott.

easy hairstyles

3. Beachy Waves
Since my hair is on the dry side, I try to avoid heat styling when I can and often let my hair air dry. Luckily my hair is fine, slightly wavy and frizz-free so it usually ends up not looking too bad (well, at least to me!). To get these beachy-esque waves, lightly spritz a sea salt spray in towel/ air-dried hair while it is still slightly damp. Use your fingers to scrunch up ends and use your fingers to twirl random strands to mix up the pieces. Give it a tousle and it's good to go!

DIY sea salt spray

Do you have an easy, go-to hair style? Share!

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