Five For Friday: What To Do Memorial Day Weekend

How ready are you for the three day weekend? I don’t have any big plans for Memorial Day but I am definitely looking forward to an extra day off. Plus, I’m trying to save so big adventures are out for me this month. If you’re like me with no plans (or no budget!) and not exactly sure how to spend the next three days, here’s a few suggestions that will keep you busy:

1. Host Your Own Wine/Beer Tasting
Have some friends come over for a good hang, but with one caveat—they must bring a bottle of wine (or a few bottles of craft beer) to share. Throw out some cheese and crackers and get your tasting on! For added fun, start a fun game of Cards Against Humanity… it’s always better when drinks are involved!

PS- Please practice safe drinking, if friends have too much, make it a sleepover 

2. Netflix Binge-Sesh
If you want to spend all weekend laying on the couch bingeing out on Netflix marathons, there will be absolutely zero judgement coming from this way. Get caught up on your favorite series, start ones you’ve been meaning to watch, or watch by movie themes each day: comedy, weirdest sci-fi, or random- just close your eyes and watch the movie you land on!

3. Get Outdoors
If spending the weekend on the couch doesn’t appeal to you, get yourself outdoors for some fresh air! Get together with some friends for a hike, find a local farmer’s market,  plan a picnic in the park, or head down to your nearest beach or lake for some R&R. 

4. Clean Out Your Closet
This is one chore that I’m planning to tackle this weekend. I like to weed through all my clothes, accessories, bags, shoes and pull out what I haven’t worn in ages. I will usually donate my old stuff to Goodwill but if you have some  good stuff and want to make some extra cash, you can take it to a consignment shop, thredUP or post to Poshmark or eBay.

The really good thing about cleaning out your closet is that it makes room for new stuff and that’s good enough reason for me to take advantage of all the amazing Memorial Day sales going on this weekend ;)

5. Be A Tourist
Take a day trip to the nearest metro area to you and take a city tour to learn more about the area and the major tourist spots. Visit the museums and attractions that you never made time for before but have “always wanted to do” (bonus points for war memorials or Memorial Day events!) Or, you can even stay within the confines of your own city limits and discover some new places and hot spots you've never been. Don’t forget the fanny pack!

Wishing you all a very happy Memorial Day weekend!

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