#AGoodHueLip: 30 Days of Lip Color Challenge

I have this makeup bag, and it's not just any makeup bag. This particular makeup bag is chock full of lip products-- glosses, tints, lipsticks, lip liners, everything lip-- and in a variety of shades. Only problem? I rarely wear them! In fact, I know I have a few shades that I've never worn. This month I made a goal to start wearing color, not just lip balm, and even gave myself the challenge of wearing a different lip product every day this month.

I definitely don't have full Kylie Jenner lips so the biggest hurdle for me with this challenge is not remembering to put on a different lip product each day, but actually photographing and bringing attention to my lips. We all have our insecurities right?

Follow along and join in my posting your lip pics of the day on Instagram using #AGoodHueLip. I can't wait to see your looks!

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