June 23, 2016

Nail Color Picks & Tips For Summer-Ready Toes

Hot Summer Nail Shades

Summer= sandal time which means toenails are now in full view. I tend to stick with fun, bright colors on my toes-- bold corals, punchy bright pinks and pretty peaches, or even something a bit unexpected like teal or metallics, which are super 'in' this season. In addition to a bold color, I like to make sure my feet and nails are looking sandal-worthy. Here's a few tips to make sure those piggies are summer-ready:

1. Give feet some TLC: Take about 10 minutes to give your feet a nice, warm soak. You can add bath salts and/or essential oils to help soften feet and take a few moments to relax.

2. Use a salt or sugar scrub (or a bath brush) to give feet a good exfoliation, removing dry, dead skin. If heels are rough, use a pumice stone to smooth out and buff the skin.

3. Trim nails after soaking as they will be easier to cut. Trim down and then use an emory board to file and shape, making sure to round corners to prevent ingrown nails. I like to use the 4-sided boards with sides to file, buff, smooth and shine nails.

4. As you would your fingernails, use both a base and top coat to make polish stay longer.

5. Keep feet looking great by moisturizing regularly (lotion, Shea butter, argan oil, or even coconut oil) and updating polish at least every two weeks.

Do you have a favorite nail polish shade for summer? Let me know in the comments!



  1. Thanks for your share, nice post

    Betsy Todd | www.missygowns.com

  2. I'm so bad at taking care of my nails, but I'd like to get better at it (at least during the summer months). That Butter London color is so pretty and while I don't have a favorite shade I do lean towards pinks this time of year.

  3. I love these!!! I keep slacking on doing my nails, so I needed this haha. That coral is to die for!

  4. I almost NEVER do color on my nails, I stick to french manicures. But I love color on my toes!! These are so fun for summer.

  5. China Glaze too yacht to handle is my go to summer shade! i also wear Sun of a Peach & Love's A beach. I like that even the names are summery

  6. I love the Nars nail polish, so pretty! My summer nail favorites lately are Essie's Saltwater Happy and Fiji!


  7. I absolutely love red and metallic nail polishes! All these are great picks!
    -Anna | www.fivefootandfabulous.com

  8. I love berry shades for my toes in the summer! I tend to do pinks on my nails too but sometimes I'll switch to a light teal! Such pretty picks!

  9. A good coral polish for the summer is my go to!! Definitely picking up that coral Essie polish!

    xo Ashley

  10. These are great tips! I definitely need to take better care of my nails this summer. My favorite summer polish color is Essie's Bikini So Teeny!

  11. My favorite summer shade is cascade cool by Essie! It's the perfect bubblegum pink.

    Kayla | kaylablogs.com


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