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Erin Armstrong A Course About Money for Fashion & Beauty Blogger e-course
This year has taken a very positive turn for my blog as I have been able to make an income from A Good Hue. While part of me is ecstatic to bring in extra cash flow, the other part is wondering what the heck I'm going to do come tax time, and should I be turning this blog into a legit business? How do I even go about that??

This is where A Course About Money for Fashion & Beauty Blogger e-course with Erin Armstrong comes into play. Specifically designed for bloggers, stylists and content creators, Erin packaged her expertise in accounting and bookkeeping into an easily digestible e-course, complete with checklists, case studies, and insider tips. Keep reading for a breakdown of the course>>

As a business accounting coach and bookkeeper through her own business, Enlightened Accounting (previously known as The Accounting Sage), Erin Armstrong has worked with hundreds of clients and female business owners so she knows a thing or two about accounting, bookkeeping, taxes and all the other financial topics that are typically headache-inducing to the masses. As an expert in this field, Erin has made it her mission to help small businesses, including bloggers, to sort through the heaps of receipts, deductions and forms to get your finances on track and how to make the most of your tax returns.

Erin's e-course, A Course About Money for Fashion & Beauty Blogger, was specifically designed with bloggers, vloggers, stylists and other creatives in mind. Being newer professions, there's still not many accountants who understand the ins-and-outs of blogging, which is why it's important for us, as bloggers, to keep track ofour own  income, business-related expenses and basically anything and everything tax and money related. Erin's background and years of experience in working with clients allowed her to put together an e-course for bloggers, covering the importance of accounting and offering her insider tips.  The e-course is divided into four video chapters, each which cover specific accounting and tax-related topics.

Erin Armstrong A Course About Money for Fashion & Beauty Blogger e-course

Chapter 1 starts as an introduction to the types of business structures,  options that would be best, what you need to do to set up your business, and even an overview of important forms that you'll need. Chapter 2 delves into accounting basics such as balance sheets, profit/loss reports, accounts receivable, accounts payable and even tips on best invoicing practices.  Chapter 3 then goes on to cover deductions (yes, wardrobe is in there!) and the best audit-proof practices for tax deductions. I know I will continually be referencing this chapter. Finally, Chapter 4 covers important legal principles and how these apply to your business-- everything from accounting, to contracts, and even to creating and fulfilling your money goals. Also included is a bonus video of Erin's Simply Stylist session on maximizing value and income, as well as access to Erin's private Facebook group where you can get all your money related questions answered by the expert herself. Each chapter is roughly 20-30 minutes, the entire course can be completed in 2-3 hours.

While I had taken finance classes in college and was somewhat familiar with some of the topics covered, it was amazing how much I had actually forgotten about. Erin delivered this material in a way and language that is easy to understand. After taking this course I feel that I have a better grasp on what I need to do not only for tax planning purposes but also how to go about setting my blog up as a business. While I do try to keep a log of all blog income and expenses, Erin made me realize the importance of keeping my accounting sheets up to date and what I will need come tax time. Taking Erin's advice, I'm already scheduling my monthly money dates to make sure all my finances are in order and up to date.

I also really liked that she also included cheat sheets, checklists, important forms, and resource links with each chapter that are easy to reference. While I know that I will be watching each chapter a few more times, especially when tax season rolls around, I already feel more confident and prepared in making better business decisions for my blog.

Erin Armstrong A Course About Money for Fashion & Beauty Blogger e-course

You can take the e-course online for $299 and it is absolutely necessary for those who, like me, want to take their blog to the next level and turn it into a legitimate and thriving business. The price tag may seem steep to some but I feel that it is a worthwhile investment considering that you will have lifetime access to the course, not to mention those tax headaches will be gone! As tax regulations and laws change, Erin will update the course as needed to reflect any revisions.

To learn more about A Course About Money for Fashion & Beauty Blogger e-course and to sign up, please visit here.

What do you think bloggers, would you benefit from taking this course?

*I was selected to provide a review on the A Course About Money for Fashion & Beauty Bloggers e-course, however all opinions are my own. No monetary compensation has been provided.

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