LipSense Liquid Lip Color + Gloss Review

I did it. I bought a LipSense starter kit. For those who have been living under a rock (or apparently not logging on to your Facebook- how do you miss all the posts and group adds from old high school buds and SAHM moms hocking their new lip color business??) LipSense is a long-lasting liquid lip color from Senegence. I had been seeing all the posts claiming it's amazingness and couldn't resist trying it out for myself after being invited to a LipSense party group.

Am I obsessed? Keep reading to find out>>

At first I was going to order a couple shades and two types of gloss to try out but had a near anxiety attack thinking about the almost $100 I was about to spend on lip gloss so I went with the starter kit instead. The kit includes (1) LipSense Liquid Lip Color (your choice!), (1) Glossy Gloss and (1) Ooops! Remover. I chose the color Bella, a very pretty dusty rose mauve shade and I have to say, I am in love with the color!

The application process is a bit different than other lip products- to get the most wear out of Lipsense, you should apply 3 coats of color (letting each coat quickly dry for about 5 seconds in between) and then top with the gloss to seal the color and hydrate lips. The lip color formula is largely alcohol-based, meaning it will have a slight burn if you have any cuts or bites (I'm a lip biter!) on your lips. It also means it has a very strong unpleasant scent, but the smell disappears once the color is dry.

The result though is an extremely long-wearing lip color that lasts for hours (literally, ALL day until I took it off at night) with no transfer. There was absolutely no transfer of color to my coffee mug and it stayed on while eating and drinking the entire day- wow! I would have to reapply the gloss a few times throughout the day- it's not a super gloopy gloss, it's lightweight and does help to moisturize lips. I find that many liquid lipsticks can be very drying on lips, so it's nice to have a gloss that gives some extra hydration. They also offer a matte gloss and a shimmer gloss as well.

The company recommends using their Ooops! Remover which is formulated to specifically remove LipSense color, however I have yet to use it. I find that a makeup wipe works find to remove the lip color easily. I would skip purchasing the remover.

So, is it worth trying? Let me break it down for you:

Long-wearing lip color
Pretty shades, decent selection of shades (pinks, nudes, browns, reds)
Moisturizing benefits

Strong alcohol-scent
If you have cut or bite on lip, it will burn
Have to purchase gloss separately (an extra $20, but can be used with all shades)
Accentuates lip wrinkles and dry lips
Reps try to get you to purchase remover even though it's not totally worth it (save the $10!)
Not many "edgy" shades
Poor quality packaging and logo/branding

Overall I think it's a decent product that delivers what it promises and I really do love the shade that I chose. Will I be dumping out my entire lip drawer and only using LipSense from now on? No way- I love trying different products too much but if you are someone looking for a long-lasting lip color and don't mind the scent, this product just might be for you.

Interested in trying it out for yourself? Visit or find a distributor near you. I'm happy to suggest a distributor if you want to get your hands on LipSense!

Tell me, have you tried LipSense? What did you think??

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